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Why become an Affiliate?

The benefits of becoming an MCN Affiliate

Help us make a difference by bringing business and charities together.

Add value to your website and generate additional revenue by becoming an affiliate. Recommend or refer businesses you engage with via our affiliate links, every time a visitor to your site clicks on a link that leads to MCN and proceeds to buy from MCN, you earn a commission. It’s FREE to join and only requires you to put a link from your website or in any of your marketing collateral to ours.

As a MCN affiliate, you will earn either a fixed fee of or commission on all sales generated from your link. In some special cases, we may be able to offer commission increases in exchange for increased exposure.


Who can join

Anyone can apply to be a Million Connection Network affiliate. Your site must be entirely reputable and we reserve the right to decline any application which we feel is unsuitable. Please see the terms and conditions.

If you don’t have a business but still want to earn? Million Connection Network makes this possible. Contact us now to learn how.

Key Benefits

Earn £100.00 simply by signing up 10 business on our £54.00 Platinum listing.

Earn £5.00 fixed fee commission per sales of the Pro listing or Platinum listings.

Gain more mentions from us and site wide exposure, we recommend your business at every given opportunity.

Exclusive time limited offers for your followers and readers.

No monthly targets to achieve, simply join and start earning.

A dedicated point of contact.

Feel good knowing every business that signs up gives to charity.

How do I join

How Do I Join? Joining is FREE, simple and straightforward. Apply to join the Million Connection Network, Affiliate Programme. Just create an account on the link below, once we approve you, your then ready to start earning money! Please do not hesitate to contact us on the form below should you require any further information.

Frequently asked questions

When do I earn money?

You earn money when a user, who signs up from your referral link, subscribes to Million Connection Network. As long as this person remains subscribed, you keep earning.

How do I get paid?

Your rewards are deposited directly to your bank account every month for the prior month’s earnings.

Are there limitations to comply with?
  1. You cannot earn rewards by subscribing to Million Connection Network from your own referral link.
  2. You cannot join as an affiliate user who signed up from your referral link.
  3. You need a bank account located in a country supported by Stripe to receive your rewards.

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