Let your PROSPECTS come to you:



Connect with leads, build relationships and drive sales
 – All of this WITHOUT any selling!


It’s your elevator pitch thats working
for you 24/7

Let people quickly know how you can solve their problems

Boost visibility and be found in the results when people search on LinkedIn 

Drive traffic and sales

Why Use LinkedIn

LinkedIn is where, by far, the largest number of professionals gather to stay connected and informed, advance their careers, and work smarter. More than 706 million people are on LinkedIn.

These are the 46M B2B decision makers, influencers, and 17M opinion leaders of today and tomorrow—the people you want to target and can connect directly with, all in one place.

Our Course features

Do you have an effective LinkedIn strategy in place?

Would you like to gain an advantage over your competitors and make LinkedIn work for you now? 
Get a strategy while turning your profile into a lead generating machine  and have your leads coming to you  all for only £27.00

Course take-aways

– A content strategy for LinkedIn that you can use for both your personal and business pages

– Setting LinkedIn objectives  – The importance of keywords
– How to write a LinkedIn headline – Rest of your profile
– Best practice for photos and images – How to include rich media in your profile
– LinkedIn recommendations – LinkedIn analytics
– Business page – Showcase pages
 – Lead generation strategies and hacks

Gain an advantage over your competitors and make LinkedIn work for you now!

Are you using LinkedIn but not really generating the leads you hear people talk about or just getting spam sales pitches when you connect with people, and wondering how to use it effectively to grow your business?

How do you do this the right way?

While most businesses are still using the platform like a resume and missing massive opportunities to attract their potential clients and grow their network effectively and quickly.

What you will discover

This is for any businesses or individuals who want to discover how they can use LinkedIn to grow their business or the ones they work for and take it to the next level.

Learn how to leverage LinkedIn to attract your ideal clients and 10x your visibility in 2020
to expand your reach and increase engagement.

You’ll learn ways to build a content strategy, increase awareness, influence perception, generate leads
and ultimately drive revenue.

At the end of this easy to consume and implement course, you will be able to create a LinkedIn profile that can help give you the edge over others and generate leads, build your network quickly and effectively. Quickly use tips and tricks from our strategy to generate the right connections for your business and know the dos and don’ts so you don’t get classified as spam, and you maximise your reach.

Special One Time Only Offer!!!

Most business charge from £100 to upwards of £3,000 to teach you what you will learn in this course.

We would love to see you UP-SKILL yourself and succeed in theses uncertain times.

So we have decided to nearly give it away at a price thats affordable for only £27.00 for a limited time only. 

Normally £99.00.

Still not Convinced?

We are giving away an EXTRA BONUS to the first 50 people or business that take this offer.

BONUS: With the purchase of this course, you can get added to our Business Directory for free, worth £54.00 giving your business more online exposure and valuable Links back to your website helping with your SEO.


What Our Clients Say

Instead of having us talk about ourselves, why don’t we see what our clients have to say.

I've just purchased Jeff's ebook which has extensively helped me improve how I use LinkedIn. I've also had a call with him which means I have more confidence in how I develop my strategy moving forwards.
We worked with Jeff at Engage Process to better utilise LinkedIn. He organised a short and highly effective training for our sales team, helping us understand the mechanics of LinkedIn and delivering pragmatic tips & tricks we could use straight away. Two weeks in, we already started seeing the first results. Great work Jeff, I look forward to working with you again soon
I am honoured that Jeff asked me to take a look his new eBook on how to use LinkedIn for business and turn your profile into a lead generating machine. The eBook is crammed with top tips and hacks and is written in an easy to follow way. Follow the steps and you will most definitely improve your profile and create a strategy to maximise your presence on LinkedIn and generate leads and ultimately business. Great value at £27
Paul Williams
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