Give Back

Together we can make a difference

Being part of Million Connection Network means that a proportion of your listing fees will be donated to worthwhile and meaningful charitable causes.

Why work with us?

Why work with us

Our packages will help you supercharge your online presence in a cost effective way, all the while supporting good causes.

Through our services we are aiming to attract and bring together one million businesses to support good causes as we believe in the collective power of giving back, as together we can make a difference.

Exclusive Logo

If you are a business and sign up to our online platform, you immediately become an MCN business with a heart.

Show customers you care by using the exclusively designed MCN heart logo. Only members of MCN have the right to use the heart, be a stand out business who cares.

How giving back works

Do you want to give back to charities through the products and services you sell?

Every business listing gives to charity. All you have to do is add your business and automatically a percentage of the signup fee goes to helping good causes. 

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What our clients say about giving back

Salix – Tree & Garden Services

Due to being a new business and not having a website, we have found this to be a perfect option regarding advertising. It fits with our social responsibility of supporting good causes. We are now looking forward to working closely with Million Connection Network to grow our business. 

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Time Magazine

Canterbury Baking School

We just love what Million Connection Network is trying to achieve.  Combined with the marketing they offer  it was a no brainer for us!

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Time Magazine

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