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The importance of being found! Use our cost-effective advertising compared to Pay Per Click (PPC) options on digital channels such as search engines and social media platforms; we help you compete with big businesses whilst on a budget, allowing you to leverage our network and utilise our marketing experience to get you seen and noticed.  Go to our listings page to find out more.  

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Digital marketing agencies cost lots and normally just promote you in an internal way to improve your search engine optimisation (SEO).

To really increase your business exposure you need greater external promotions.  A simple and cost effective way is to list your business with us and generate more online presence through our dedicated pro and platinum packages.   

Have us ‘shout’ about your business as this is more important and powerful for your search engine ranking than link backs to your website alone.

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SEO the simple way

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Maximise your online presence with our featured business listing giving you valuable and reputable ‘link backs’ including all your social media profiles.  Our pro and platinum package showcases your  products and offers all of which enhance your online presence. Our shout out service across all our packages will help supercharge your listing and awareness.

The big social media, advertising and search platforms like Facebook and Google can be confusing and expensive if you are paying for advertising to market your business; with so many factors to take into account it can become a minefield.  However, if it’s done correctly with all considerations taken into effect then they can be incredibly effective. 

Using our simple listing features can help you with your advertising as its like a vote of confidence for your website; our listing setup will help you appear higher in searches on platforms like Google, without the need to pay for expensive adverts.   

If you don’t have a website or any online presence then using Million Connection Network will get you started.  It’s just like having your own website without the fuss!

Networking the easy way

Network with other liked minded business owners.  

Communicating your business through our online advertising is a cost-effective way to be seen while also promoting your deals and products, maximising your online presence.

We are building a trusted network and with new features coming soon this will let you communicate and network with other businesses.  

As a business owner, you know how vital it is that you have a high profile and your brand is seen in all the right places. A listing profile supports your new business activity, and in the long term can add substantial value to your business.

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