About Us

The unique business directory dedicated to helping small businesses succeed.

List, discover, network, and give back.  


Our Mission

Alone we can only do so much but together we can make a real difference

Million Connection Network was formed to unite businesses, charities and customers in a clear mission to promote and share who you are in a cost effective way.   

Through our services we are aiming to attract and bring together one million businesses to support good causes as we believe in the collective power of giving back, as together we can make a difference.

What we do

We are an online platform to help you get found, connect and engage with customers to grow your business, all with the unique opportunity to support charities and good causes; that’s what makes Million Connection Network unique compared to other business listing and marketing agencies. 


We’ve created Million Connection Network to help your business or charity thrive. 

How you can get involved with MCN

As a business

If you are a business and sign up to our online platform, you immediately become an MCN business with a heart. 

Our packages will help you supercharge your online presence in a cost effective way, all the while supporting good causes. 

As a charity

As a Charity its free to sign up and will extend your online presence and reach.

Become part of our charitable community by working with us and create the chance to receive a percentage of signup fees from our business listings.

As a customer

Do you want to give back to charities through the products and services you buy?

As a customer through MCN you get to review and support businesses that care about doing good and giving back. 

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